Middle Eastern Spiced Turkey

Middle Eastern Spiced Turkey


Steggles frozen whole turkey

3 cups coarse burghul

500g pine nuts

1 1/2 cups currants

1 large brown onion

2 tablespoons Middle Eastern five spice

1/2 cup melted unsalted butter

2 cups chicken stock

salt and pepper to taste




1. Slice onion and saute in butter in a pan.

2. Add the pine nuts and cook until golden brown, then add currants.

3. Wash burghul and add to pan, before adding chicken stock and salt and pepper.

4. Cook for roughly 10-15 minutes on medium heat until liquid is absorbed and burghul is fluffy. Allow to cool slightly before stuffing turkey.


1. Clean inside of the turkey.

2. Stuff the turkey from the front and back with the cooled burghul mixture.

3. Use bamboo skewers or cooking twine and a needle to sew the excess skin over he body of the turkey to close in the mixture inside.

4. Place foil on the drumsticks and wing to prevent them fro burning, then place turkey on a rack in a roasting pan. Add water to the pan then cover with foil and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes per 1kg.

5. Serve turkey and enjoy.  



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